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27 May 2012 @ 02:34 pm
Quick post mostly for my own reference? (And to gather your pity *_*)

- 30th Essay's deadline A
- 30th Conversations A+

- 1st LL: written&oral A
- 5th Translating/reading -> 15th A
- 6th Theory of Culture C+
- 6th Korean A+
- 11th Grammar A+
- 13th Japanese (main): written&oral A+
- 18th Religion A
- 19th Literature B
- 21st History A
- 26th Theory of Grammar - written A
- 27th Theory of Grammar -> 28th -> 27th - oral

So yeah, my timetable for June is rather filled up, lol. My joy and excitement know no bounds.

See you in July if I'm still alive by then~
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Glitterburnglitterburn on May 29th, 2012 03:54 pm (UTC)
I have a younger brother and I couldn't live with him! I think siblings always fight somehow. I went on a road trip with him to Norway once and at one point we didn't speak for three days HAHA

Yep, I taught history at secondary school then quit because I couldn't bear the lack of discipline and the amount of violence/drugs in the schools in my hometown :/ Awful.

I did three languages at school and the rest I picked up from friends or visiting places. My sister-in-law is Chinese and doesn't speak much English so I had to learn Mandarin!! Latin has actually been the most useful language because I can work out Spanish and Italian from it, so really I cheat with those languages. I've never tried Polish. Does it have very complicated grammar rules?

So it's mainly exams for you? I think my undergrad was 20% essays, 20% dissertation and 60% final exams. Which I guess was pretty fair since some people are bad with cramming for exams so the other marks would balance it out, IDK.

The bat-infested cave had a Bronze Age burial in it but there wasn't very much that was exciting in there. Just lots of bat poo LOL
Sessho: Changmin: suitthier_sess on May 29th, 2012 08:16 pm (UTC)
I have an older brother, we lived together in the same flat and briefly argued maybe once in half a year? So it's clearly just me and her that make for such an explosive combo. But yeah, siblings should be kept at least behind a wall or better yet in a diferent city. XD (Tho I wouldn't mind living with brother? idk, we find common language pretty easily.)

Ah, this sounds horrid :/ While I'm sure there were cases of students taking drugs and stuff, my high school was pretty peaceful. Maybe something to do with it being one of the "better" schools in the town. If anything, my class' problem lay in it being full of people who mostly couldn't care less about most of stuff/had no will to do anything.

...It's getting even more impressive, js. XD You've must have a gift for languages :>
What was it... I've heard once that supposedly learning one language makes it very easy to learn another language as well but not the other way around? But I can't remember what two languages it was about. Spanish, Italian or French. XD
And Polish's grammar... Hmm, it's said to be complicated? It's rather hard to speak it correctly since there are cases and stuff. I wonder about which case to use too, every now and then. XD

Yeah, all exams. And since we don't really have any tests during the semester so there's a lot of material to memorise too. (It's hard to be studious on regular basis without any outside incentives.)
But while exams are ofc exhausting, since I'm awful at writing essays, I'd pick them as the lesser evil.

...XD Must've been disappointing, lol. And I've only seen one bat up close when we went for a trip to Slovkian caves.