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13 June 2011 @ 07:00 pm
I went to Heaven but, unfortunately, I came back  
SMTown Paris. ;;

I'm not going to bother here with the setlist, or chronological order, or anything like that. Instead this will be full of my impressions, special moments I managed to see, my feelings, opinions (that may or may not offend you) and such. And spazzing, lots of it.

I'd like to say - let's start by saying that this was possibly the greatest day of my live (and not kidding), but I'll start from the beginning~

Our day started rather late - the earlier day's travelling, sightseeing and endless walking took their toll on us and we woke up late, so instead of going to see Montmarte, we got ready and went to the venue because yurete wanted to buy some goods. Unfortunately, they didn't let you buy anything without a ticket and the girls didn't thought to take theirs and I didn't even have mine yet. It was a stupid situation and even more dumb move on their part (cause why not at least make money on people that couldn't get the tickets this way?) but nothing could be done.
We were also wondering whether to buy sticklights from two Koreans that were selling them in the metro but we met some girls from Belgium that heard at the venue that you can't bring in sticklights or balloons so Yurete and Agata bought them and took them to the hotel and I just passed on this purchase. Instead, I bought some crappy plastick phone accessory with Yunho's name on it.

Then we went to do some more sightseeing and returned to the venue around 5 o'clock. When we left the metro, it was cold and it was raining and the queue was already veeeeeeeeeeeeery long.
Thankfully they started letting people in a bit earlier than planned. But still, it was a rather tiring experience although it had some hilarious moments. As when we finally came up to the rail where the 1st line of security stood. So this man starts talking to us in French. I say my favourite sentence 'Je ne parle pas Francais' and ask him with 'Anglais?'. He makes a gesture as if he confirmes that he indeed does, only needs some time to phrase it in his head before he speaks. And then he starts talking in even faster French. Then, he also fetched another man from the security who leaned on the rail and started talking - also in French. It really sounded like he was showing off and laughing at us because he knew we didn't understand him. (So I said in Polish that I too speak in other languages.)

In the meantime Kat and Cass who had my ticket came, so I could wait in line at peace~ We also got some idk, sticks that glow when you break them and that you could make bracelets from? Anyway, we got blue and sort of light violet ones. We're guessing the light blue was for SJ and the girls insist that the purple was for Shinee. But that would leave madly bright yellow for f(x)...

We stood in the line for some more and more and then we passed the security check and finally got into the site. (Only Yurete had a bag with her because we heard it'd be checked and that it has to be small etc. but really - they only took a quick look - if we wanted, we could have brought in anything. Lightsticks included. :| I was a bit angry that I didn't buy the red lightstick )

When we finally got inside the venue (and there was another lulzy situation because first the security guy turned us back pointing at our tickets and then later the same guy let us in, lol), Yurete finally could buy the goods, so we waited for her. Then we finally stepped into the hall where the concert was to take place. For a moment we thought that all good and convenient places are taken but when we walked up closer, it turned out that we still were very, very close. There was main stage and it extended first to the front and then branched off into two and curved. We stood around the front of the right branch and we had maybe 3-4 rows of people in front of us? And they were rather short, too. (Everyone was rather short. I think me and Agata were easily the tallest people in vicinity.)
So, a pretty good view. :)
Here, have a photo

They played various songs of SMTown artists and I think they were asking the crowd to scream? And scream we did. There was also some groups' names chanting.~ (I was so lonely screaming Dong Bang Shin Ki when it was their turn ;; I was probably the only fan of them in this particular area. The girls laughed at me when I was yelling Dong Bang Shin Ki XDD)
And I didn't have anything in red either. ;; (Well, besides my pants but obviously they didn't count.) First, Yurete got me a long glowing could-be-necklace!stick from that girl that had around a dozen of them. Then I noticed a girl that had both an actual lightstick and two could-be-bracelets. So I pushed through the crowd and asked her if she could give me one. She did and answered with a question of her own - if I was a DBSK fan. When I confirmed it, she gave me the second as well. ;; <3

We stood in the crowd for around an hour and then the concert finally began! It kicked off with f(x) and La Chata. They were on the main stage but still, the view was good. I didn’t maybe see their facial expressions with astounding clarity but it wasn’t like I couldn’t see them at all.
And omg, Luna is so tiny!! All of them are rather short and I knew she was the smallest but she’s really even tinier in person! And all of them are gorgeous ;; I was screaming like mad at them (but well, I was screaming like mad for the most of the concert, I guess I even surprised myself a bit with it XD). I was expecting to be more excited at Victoria but idk.
Amber got some unbelievable reactions. It’s like every time she did as much as lifted her mike (not to mention actually spoke or rapped or sang something), the crowd went positively MAD. I think she was one of the individual artists that got the most screams and cheers in general? Europe loves her, let me tell you that. (And while I don’t quite see her phenomenon, the atmosphere probably rubbed off on me and since I like her, I yelled too~)

After they performed something more (I think? XD), Jessica came out and we got a Jung Sisters duet. They’re both really pretty and whole venue grooved out with them. (It helped that the song was in English too, I guess.) During their performance (Tik Tok), several men jumped out and the whole venue screamed. But it was only Homin’s backdancers, lol. XD But they’re pretty nice, I guess. And Yunho’s new boyfriend (aka the short one that seems to be always by his side and that has the honorary duty of molesting him during Before U Go) isn't bad either. ^^
Sadly, the f(x) girls didn't go to the front and they stayed the whole time on the main stage. ;;

After Jung Sisters we got Shinee! The crowd went wild once again and so did I and the girls. I don't remember what song they started with or if they went to the braches right away or not (I'm guessing not because that seems unlikely but then again - I truly honestly don't remember XD). Anyway Yurete's dream came true because we got Key right in front of us! Little diva~ (For some reason I really remember well the moment when I noticed the sweat trickling down his face and washing away the foundation and making a crease in his make-up. Idk.)

Then there was an awesome Jongkey moment!:DD Normally, I don't really care about them and I certainly don't ship them but it was golden <3 This is how we've seen it. ;;
(In general, there weren't that much fanservice moments between the artists. But thankfully there was geared towards fans themselves~)

After this they changed places and we got Jonghyun right before our eyes! To be honest, normally I'm not too keen on him - sure he's cute and he's derpy but I don't really care about him and I don't find him attractive too often. Or maybe should I say - I didn't before cause I sure warmed up to him. He's really cute in person and good-looking too! I was quite surprised ^^ He also derped a lot and was a bundle of cuteness in general.

During the whole concert, we had every Shinee member over for at least a little while. We had the pleasure of admiring Minho rocking out to Amigo (and omg, was that hilarious. I think I died several times. He was so into it, LOL.) And he's much better looking in person, too. When I later looked at some photos, I was like 'who's that? he was much prettier!' XD And I was expecting him to be a bit, idk, normal posture-wise? He was just as thin as the rest of Shinee. And not that tall. (But that goes for most of SMTown members, lol XD)

Also, Onew did his faily pirouette right in front of us. XD He had such an adorable shocked and desoriented expression when he fell down. XDD (Where am I? What just happened?!) I didn't like his haircut, though. And I think he was one of the few SMTown members that didn't impress me much more in person than in pictures/shows looks-wise. But he still was awesome and cute. <3
And there was one more faily moment when Shinee were first put into harness(?) for Lucifer and then lifted up. They got him pretty late and it took quite a lot of time too. And his Wolverine laser clawed gloves didn't seem to work at first. (Or he just didn't use them, lol XD)
And his solo, omg. Tbh, when it started we were rather shocked because it was so strange. We looked at each other with Agata with mixture of o.O and :DDDD and LOL on our faces. XD Suddenly, opera!Onew. And was that French that he was singing it? Idk. And his funeral fitting facial expression. XD But omg, does this boy have THE VOICE. He was awesome.

Taemin is pretty! He did some cool, showing off dance near us and his vest rolled up, lol. There was one funny moment around the end of the concert (I guess) when it was him and Leeteuk close to us. Yurete was on my right, Taemin was closer to me and Teuk close to her. And we screamed their names simultanously - her - Taemin's and me - Teuk's. Lol <3

I don't remember who performed after Shinee, so I'll talk about Soshi~ First - the girls are skinny but they don't look unhealthy. (Well, I'm not sure about Yuri tho.) They have some awesome legs (they must be working on them~) And they're all gorgeous live, too. <3 The member we got over the most was Tiffany. Omg, she's so pretty and adorable. ;; And her eye-smiles are really to die for. I may just become a fan of her~ And speaking of fans - she had great contact with them. (And her shirt was buckled up at the back with pins, lol. Taemin's too.)
Ah, they started with Run Devil Run! I really like the song :) They also performed Kissing You, Genie, Gee, Hoot and some other songs that I don't know.
Hyoyeon got the most screams during the introduction. It was like the whole venue screamed, really loud. She smile real big while hearing it, too. (And she couldn't even introduce herself XD)

Jessica wanted to start the introduction and the camera was on her but Taeyeon did it instead, lol.

Sooyoung said something in French and some other girls did too. (She's so beautiful ;; And the current hair suits her so well!)

We didn't get Yoona over much and it's such a pity cause she's one of my favourites. ;; But we did get her at least a bit which can't be really said about e.g. Taeyeon. And so little of Sunny, too. (She's really tiny as well! And cute. But I may be repeating myself, all of them were cute.)

What elsee... I'm not a big fan of their sweet songs and I they had playback often, too. (I saw someone at Omona saying how everyone sang live etc. - I don't think so, tbh.) But they did sing live as well. ^^

Suju! My love for them had already dwindled but I think this night might have just rekindled it! :D They were really awesome! Their performances blew me away. I screamed like mad~
A man in love was surprising! I hadn't expected them to perform this song. (But it was great.) The same goes for Dancing Out. But it was lovely too. <3 During No other Teuk shouted 's'il vous-plait', lol XD But you're welcome, my dear.
Anyway. AMAZING. SJ really rocked.

Now for individual members.
Teuk's so pretty in person! He has various moments on photos/shows but he was gorgeous live. (And even more gorgeous during Single Ladies. This man should be in drag more often. Now that I think of it, it was one of my ~wishes~ to see him in drag more often and not only I did, but live too!) He's also so sweet to fans, he really is. I think he had the most physical contact with people? I almost touched him, too ;; (Mere centimetres ;;) Agata did, though. And later Kat told us that Leeteuk touched her and she was all 'not my camera, omg!'. Hey, we can switch, you know? XD One time he lied on the stage and then even stepped down to the space that separated the stage from the fans (and where the security stood) - the crowd went WILD. And the poor security guy didn't know what to do. XDD When Teuk was done, he almost literally grabbed Teuk's ass and pushed him onto the stage, lol. It was hilarious. (That security guy was hilarious in general, lol. His face made of stone, his long-suffering look! XD And omg, his face when Shindong touched his shoulders XDDD)

Eunhyuk must be the most unphotogenic person ever or maybe it's the wonders of make-up but he looked really great live! His pink lipstick during Single Ladies killed me. His bulge in a skirt a bit in front of me did as well. XD And I almost touched him during A-Yo! ;;
As someone was performing the security made a safe path leading from the entrance. Me and Yurete were wondering who's coming and whether we should move closer to the tape. (We did, I think? XD) Then, finally Shindong appeared among the fans in the upper right rows and we got Hyuk! He was so, so close! (Shindong too :) If he started touching the fans' hands on his left side and then got to the ones on right side, I bet I'd touch him. ;; (Do I sound creepy yet? :DDD Hyuk <3)
He's an amazing dancer~

Ryeowook. He was one of our highlights of the concert. <3 We got him over very, very often and while at first he was a bit unsure after he got more confident, he was sooooo sweet <3 He had great contact with the fans, kept smiling, jumping, waving and being a small but awfully lively bundle of adorableness in general ;; He's one of those people that I wasn't too keen on looks-wise before but changed my opinion after the concert. He had purple hair and it must've been freshly died, too. XD (I'm not too observant so I didn't notice it like I didn't notice many things but Yurete and Agata said that he even sweated in violet, lol.) Great eye make-up, too.
AND HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME ONCE. *_* I was so exhilarated and I couldn't believe it but he did! After the concert Yurete said that she too was all like 'omg, he looked as Sess!'. And we missed Siwon stripping out of his shirt (or was it vest already?) because of it, because we were too excited, lol. (And we concluded it with - fuck Siwon and his stripping, Ryeowook looked at me!)

Siwon - he gave his holy blessing to one of the fans, lol. Really, it looked exactly like this. XD He held her hand, gazed at her with gentle patience and healed her so she wouldn't be too sore later. The girls said Siwon was a disappointment and that he was ugly but I don't think so. He was rather thin, though. (And maybe, just maybe he had quite a big face but they might just have planted that seed in my head XD)
And omg, the way he run once. Skipped, that's more like it.
We got him over for some time, near the very end too~ Once again - if I were apprehensive, I'd probably notice by myself, but the girls said he wasn't too keen on fanservice with SJ members and that he looked tired. (And he rejected Yesung more than twice - I saw one time too - and he offended Heechul rejecting him too, lol.)
He didn't reject Yunho but I'll talk about it later.

Donghae's overrated, I still think that. But he was cute and really nice to fans. And during his part in Bonamana he took a red rose from one of the fans in the mosh pit (fosse debout, lol), sang with it, kissed it and then gave it back.

When we first saw Kyu from up close me and Agata commented to each other 'Kyu's pimples live!', and when I turned top Yurete she commented on the same thing, lol. (But it really was 'omg, Kyu and his pimples and blemishes! :DDD'.) He sounds great and while people always went on about his thighs, now I understood their appeal as well. (Let me tell you, those are some great thighs.) He looked ready to keel over and very tired in general but was all smiley all the time and radiating happiness. And so adorable, too. (I think adorable/cute should be banned for me when I'm talking about SMTown members but they really all were like that.) He had his part in Don't Don right in front of us, too~ Awesome stuff. (And then he disappeared under the stage, lol.)

Shindong had some fanboys near us~ And he's not fat. Sure, he's got some tummy but in general he really looks good. (Not so much his complexion, though. And neither does Siwon's.) He was hilarious with some strange singing~ :D (And the security guy!incident, too. He traumatised him!) And omg, Shinyonce. XD

Sungmin came over maybe once or twice? Sad, sad thing. ;; And when he did, he showed his stupidness because he couldn't even throw that towel properly and it didn't fly far enough for me to catch it. Really :/ Lol, he was adorable <3 He picked something up from the stage and when Siwon took it away, he did that cute pout.)

Do I want to say something more about any SJ member?

Ah, Yesung! Dear little creeper (he really was adorably creepy at times XD). He adlibbed during Sorry Sorry, lol <3 And he danced to one song right in front of us and it was hilarious. XD

And Heechul. His facial expressions during Crazy in Love were hilarious. It was a mix of 'wtf' and, idk, 'what am I even doing here'. But he rocked as Lady Hee Hee, teased like a boss, sent his sweet smiles to chosen ones (and held one girl's hand, I bet you she was real pretty ;) and waved like the queen of UK. (And he doesn't have such an impressive ass as I thought he does. XD)

So, now finally for DBSK, I guess?
Sometimes it really seemed like they're not going to come out, lol. I knew I shouldn't get my hopes high too early but really, Yurete joked more than once that Homin must've gotten lost or something. They really made us wait for them.
But finally their time came <3 (Yunho time, lol.)

I was sort of expecting them when the SMP performances started and I was right but it still managed to shock me. Idk, I don't remember zoning out but Yurete said I did and that I noticed Yunho (mere metres separating us, 3 and half at most) until she said it's him.
Anyway, suddenly Yunho! Jung Fucking Yunho right in front of me. I started screaming so, so hard. It was still dark so probably most of people didn't know yet what's going on but he was SO CLOSE. (Yurete says she zoomed in only a little in his case because otherwise he didn't fit in the shot~)

Then they lifted him and Changmin and there was a rather long intro during which Yunho made his sexey, charismatic faces <3 (Personally, I'm always a bit amused at them but still, Yunho <3 But they're not that stupid, Yurete! Bad hyung!)
Jung Yunho almost right above my head. I want to jump around when I just recall it ;; I was a bit afraid that I'd lose my voice before Homin ever appeared but I needn't have worried.
He was the only one that looked like a real piece of man when he was in the air, trufax. (And Yurete said later that he was the only that she had problems with capturing his whole silhouette when he was up there.)

I TELL YOU, HE'S SO GORGEOUS IN PERSON. ;; <3 Neither photos, recordings or even the screens at the venue did him justice, and he's so beautiful from up close. (And his Godsend profile *__*)
Yunho ;;
Later, I don't remember during which song but probably near the end of the concerts when everyone was just running around (or was it? somehow I think he was still dressed in his KYHD outfit then but that may be just my memory acting up) he crouched and leaned over the fans (on our side but a bit to the left not directly in front of me ;;) as if to touch them. And then he just sticked out his tongue slightly. XD He was so adorable ;;

And yet later, when we had him over, I just lost it. XDDD Everyone was screaming like madmen in general but I started screaming his name over and over. I really wanted him to look in my direcion/at me but eventually he didn't. But when I whined about this, Agata said that it was impossible for him not to have heard me so I guess that's fine too. (Though still, how could you, Jung!)
Anyway, when I later talked on the phone with my mom, she said that while watching some fancams, she heard someone screaming his name, sounding awfully like me and even commented on that to dad. And it was before I told her I did that. So, if you watch a fancam and you hear some crazy girl screaming her lungs out, it might just be me, lol.
And there was that one moment when I just forgot about screaming and just started adoringly, squeezing the water bottle with my hands, lol. Yunho, what do you do to me.

And him at the ending! I loved, loved, loved it when he danced to Sorry Sorry and even did the dance break! So cute. There was quite a long Siwon/Yunho moment, too. (Siwon was all like 'Hyung, you're too good to dance to our song ;;', lol.) I didn't noticed the fact that someone pushed Min to dance with him, though. I only heard about it later.
There was also a really short Horella moment. Or rather Heechul wanted it to be but I don't think Yunho noticed him. XD
And I remember really well when he was walking to the main stage and leaned over the camera. So I looked at the screen and they showed him smiling to it a moment later~! :) Cute.

We didn't get much of Changmin on our side. ;; I mean, he went over at least once and probably more but I don't really remember him much so it must've been real short. He looked a bit unenthusiastic in general. He did smile, he did wave and all but idk. (What I remember well is how his hair looked from the back, lol XD) Maybe he was tired? Or maybe it's just my wrong impression, hard to tell. Anyway, he's gorgeous too. And we saw the moment when he was by Minho side when the latter spilled water at Siwon. XD

He was gorgeous too, though. And those endless legs! And man, Shim Changmin is a damn tease. I can't recall what song it was (probably either Maximum or KYHD) but he unbuttoned his jacket as if to show his chest and he just left it at it. (And tried buttoning it later when he danced.)

And he's really buddies with Minho, observed first-hand~ (Overall, I was really relieved and happy when I saw in the photos that he did look genuinely happy during this concert. Maybe it was just our lack of luck that we didn't see his radiant stupid grins. Or maybe it was lack of Minho in direct vicinity, who knows.)

When it comes to songs, they were A-MA-ZING. Maximum and the moment with Yunho leaning back was breath taking <3 KYHD was awesome too, only Yurete sat for a bit and left me with her camera. And it seems I do not in fact have attention divisibility skills (and am a crappy photographer, too) because I didn't take any good photo AND missed my favourite moment of the performance. ;; Why am I such a fail, even I myself can't phatom. Anyway, I only saw Yunho when he was pushed away. I FAIL.

Before U Go in KYHD outfits was a bit strange. XD The oh so sexy 'slow down' part didn't impress me too much like it never does but the crowd went wild, indeed.

When Rising Sun began, I was caught completely unaware. For one, it was entirely unexpected. And I must have zoned out for a bit because I remember not facing the stage at that moment.
Anyway, say what you want but they rocked it. They were amazing and the crowd loved every second of it and I loved it as well. Obviously, I can only speak for myself, but when you're here, when you hear the first notes of Rising Sun, you don't go all D: You scream for them like mad, savouring every second of this amazing experience.
(Because yes, it's not the same with only 2 people, we have no way of knowing how the boys themselves feel with having to perform this song and there are so many other factors to consider. But you know what? When you see it live, the least you can do is enjoy it. Scream you heart out when they are performing their hearts and bodies out for you, for all the fans. Admire their efforts. That's how I feel right now. More or less, cause I can't yet put it into words properly.)
I guess they performed it in the 1st place because it didn't need much preparations after that perf at the KBS and what they performed normally was not enough when there were less groups/artists present.

Mirotic during the medley was abosolutely mind-blowing too. The whole venue sang along and the screams were defeaning. (Or maybe they would be if I weren't screaming at least as much as all the rest.)

And now for other stuff in general.

So first, the sound system. IT SUCKED. MAJORLY. It was fine at the beginning, starting acting up during SJ KRY's Sorry Sorry Answer (<3) and when Homin finally appeared it was already a disaster. From what I've heard on fancams, it didn't sound too bad but believe me, it was awful.
HOMIN SOUNDED LIKE CHIPMUNKS ;; Granted, I'd adore chipmunks to death if they only were more liked that and I'd really like to keep those particular chipmunks to myself (and they might just be my favourite kind, too) but still - chipmunks. It was bad when they sang but it was straight horrible during the talk. They didn't sound like themselves. Damn, I go to Paris for Homin and then I don't even get to hear their voices.

At least, the view was great (as I already mentioned before). I didn't even have to look at the screens, even when they were at the main stage, it wasn't necessary because I still saw them well. I caught myself looking at them a few times but as a whole - there really was no need. Especially when you had the real deal right in front of you. (Or not so right in front of you but still close and clear enough.)
So, even though I didn't look at them much, I did from time to time and when Yunho finally came out, they showed him very often. Clear bias, what can I say. (But I didn't mind it too much. Though I probably would if I weren't a fan and I was seated high and far from the stage or something.) And that's the thing I don't quite get - because really, the standing places were honestly the best. You were close, you had an amazinb view at the artists and a chance to interact with them directly. If I had a seat so high, I would just go down - there was more than enough place. (But then it would be unbearable for all, I guess.)

The atmosphere was good too. There were some fans that didn't seem too enthusiastic (like those girls that told us even before the beginning that excuse us, they need to breath, when we weren't even standing that close. So, excuse me, but there were lots of free space in the back - don't like crowds? Please, proceed that way.)
There were fanboys too~! :) I had some right next to me for some time (but I moved a bit.) One of them knew all the lyrics to one of f(x)'s songs and when Shinee was close he yelled 'TAEEEEEEEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN' real loud. XD
There was also that girl that had a plushie with a letter attached and she wanted to give it to either Siwon or Donghae. She wanted Wookie to pass it but he moved his head as if to say that they can't take anything. (And they probably did which's ridiculous considering what happens during their Asian concerts. :/)

One of the sad things was how dark the audience was. There were really few people with penlights. (And no wonder if most of the people heard that they're not allowed :/) I really hope on the second day it was more colourful because people already knew the regulations are a lie.

Anyway, this might just have been the most amazing experience of my life. I'm not even kidding and I'm not sure if I care about the fact that it is a bit sad. ;)

Me and the girls were so mad, disappointed and sad when we couldn't stay for the 2nd day. They were selling tickets for only 40 euro! ;; Damn, if not for our flight and lack of money to re-book it, we would just go for it, damn the consequences.

So, I can only hope that we can really expect SMTown in German or UK. Hopefully this year and if not, then the next. And then, even if they announce only one date at first, we'll prepare for a longer stay. We'll take money so it'll be enough for another dates. We'll be ready. ;)

...I can't believe I really saw 83 line (and their sexy Bonamana moment) before they went to the military. It was one of my dreams when I stanned SJ harder but I dismissed it as impossible. And it actually came true. Omg.

I also guess that this night made me discover a few things about myself. (That yes, I am, indeed, a screaming, jumping and spazzing kind of fan, after all, being the main one, I guess. ;) If you know me, you probably find me a bit of a reserved person (or am I wrong?) but on that night I really lost some of my inhibitions.
(And positively surprised and shocked Yurete and Agata, it seems ;) After a concert they said that they had been worried that I wouldn't catch a thrown towel even if it smacked me in the face but I proved them wrong. Not with the towel scenerio, though, because, as I said, Sungmin has no sense of aim.
Well, I proved myself wrong. I didn't think I had that in myself ^^)

And SMTown might have just made me a stan of all present groups, too. (Or at least, I'm sure I'll pay more attention to them since now~)

And this is finally the end, I guess. (5,5k, lol) This took me so. damn. long.

I'll add something if I recall anything important/worthwile.

(And I'm going to write a second entry about Paris itself. But much, much later, lol. XD)

If anyone read through it - my congratulations. XD
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tsunami_pl: Joongkitsunami_pl on June 13th, 2011 10:08 pm (UTC)
Nie no, one to są taka loża szyderców trochę. Zresztą, też bardzo się cieszyły i w sumie po ich opowieściach byłam nastrojona tak pozytywnie, że właściwie nawet podskakiwałam z radości na balkonie i siedziałam z wyszczerzem przy oglądaniu zdjęć. I szalenie żałowałam, że nie przekazałam dziewczynom kasy, bo kiedy zobaczyłam jakość tych plakatów i to, jakie były *ładne* to nie mogłam się potem ogarnąć. Hominy są po prostu piękne ponad moje zdolności werbalne, a Szajnie takie urocze <3

No właśnie dziewczyny mówiły, że porozumienie z "tambylcami" i np. komunikacja miejska umierają i wołają. Ale fajki dały radę kupić, lol. Choć później Alina przyznała, że to dzięki metodzie pokazywania palcem o co ci chodzi XD

No właśnie tak mi się wydaje, że funkcje są takie... płynące ze współczesnymi trendami, że tak powiem. Tak jak Szajnie, mniej więcej. Mogę bardzo lubić Sosie (i Sekretki, które są właściwie dosyć podobnym typem zespołu, szczególnie w tych uroczych piosenkach), ale myślę, że to f(x) mogłoby się bardziej spodobać człowiekowi z łapanki ulicznej.

I nie o to chodzi. Pieniądze nie mają wielkiego znaczenia (i tym bardziej nie będą miały w przyszłości, bo profil zawodowy mojego taty zmieni się diametralnie, a wraz z tym również jego płaca), ale ja zwyczajnie nie mam jak kupić tego biletu. A ja naprawdę nienawidzę proszenia innych o przysługi. Naprawdę wolę nie jechać nić prosić kogoś o pomoc, lol. To jest straszne, ale inaczej nie potrafię.
Sessho: ironicthier_sess on June 14th, 2011 10:15 am (UTC)
Jak ja sobie teraz patrzę na niektóre zdjęcia albo puszczam nagrania czy coś, to też mnie czasem bierze na podskakiwanie z radości. (Choć trzeba przyznać, że ogólnie czuję się trochę jak na odwyku XD)
Kurde, teraz zacznę żałować, że nie kupiłam Hominowego plakatu, choć mogłam. XD Tyle że ja nie wieszam plakatów ani w Wawie, ani w Siedlcach... (A Hominy są piękne. <3 W ogóle mi się ta sesja wciąż strasznie podoba i wciąż czasem nachodzi mnie myśl kupienia limitki KYHD dla photobooka.)

Weź, a ja jeszcze wczoraj czy tam przedwczoraj przeczytałam, że niby we Francji po angielsku mówią 23 milony ludu. Gówno prawda, chyba że bierzemy pod uwagę porozumiewanie się w stylu Kali mówić, Kali jeść, a i to umiało mało osób.
Ale akurat z komunikacją miejską nie miałyśmy problemów. (Poza tym, że mieszkałyśmy na zadupiu i wszędzie było daleko.) Ale cała reszta...

Ja w sumie lubię f(x) i Soshi tak po równo~ (A teraz jeszcze będę się ślinić do Fany, lol XD)

O, zmienia pracę? Czy awans?
Ej no, ale teraz to walnęłaś. I co, żałujesz, że kupiłaś Dalmatiany w taki sposób? Jak nie chcesz się czuć, że ktoś wyświadcza Ci przysługę, to zrób tak. Spójrz na tego typu rzeczy, jako na przysługi, które robisz mi. Bo jeśli masz środki i jest chęć, to ja bym naprawdę strasznie chciała móc dzielić tego typu chwile z Tobą, a Ty przez swój upór mi tego odmawiasz. ;p
Jakby co, to wal do mnie, dla mnie to żaden problem nie jest. Zwłaszcza że przecież potem oddajesz kasę i to jak najszybciej, więc czym się to różni chociażby od kupowania za pośrednictwem jakiegoś sklepu internetowego? (Poza tym, że chyba do mnie masz większe zaufanie, a przynajmniej taką mam nadzieję.)
Więc, jak się nadarzy takie coś następnym razem, to jak się do mnie nie zgłosisz sama, to ja się zgłoszę do Ciebie. ;p I nie uznaję sprzeciwu z takiego powodu.

(Wiesz, jak ja się nagimnastykowałam, żeby zdobyć ten bilet? XD)
tsunami_pl: yeoltsunami_pl on June 14th, 2011 10:47 am (UTC)
Ok, teraz będzie krócej bo czuję się jak ofiara potrącenia przez tramwaj, heh XD Centrala sesji, 5 za mną, 4 przede mną, a ja muszę źle się czuć. To cała ja.

Ja zawsze słyszałam, że z Francuzami ciężko jest porozumieć się po angielsku, bo albo nie mówią w tym języku wcale, albo go znają ale nie są zainteresowani używaniem :|
Kanda się bulwersowała, że następnym razem ma być koniecznie Londyn albo Berlin - w tym pierwszym da się dogadać bez problemu, a w drugim... Cóż, Alina jest po 3 latach germanistyki, więc to nie byłoby wyzwanie XD

Wiesz, to jest trochę śmieszna sprawa. W Ruchu w ogóle straszne roszady się teraz dzieją, prywatyzacja i takie tam. Ostatecznie nowy właściciel wymówił umowę w Koszalinie wszystkim oprócz jednej osoby. Potem był otwarty przetarg na prywatne prowadzenie działalności we współpracy z Ruchem i wszyscy jak jeden mąż namawiali mojego tatę, żeby złożył swoją ofertę. Nowy zarząd, jego kumpel który jako jedyny się ostał i generalnie dosłownie wszyscy którzy w Koszalinie w jakikolwiek sposób zajmują się gazetami od tej strony. Nawet kierownik prenumeraty jednej z gazet pimpował tatę o_O No to tata złożył swoją ofertę i wygrał ten przetarg, więc teraz będzie biznesmenem. Nie mogę powiedzieć, żeby dotąd pracował mało, a teraz obowiązków mu jeszcze dojdzie, ale przynajmniej zarobki będzie miał adekwatne do tego, że zasuwa jak mały samochodzik.

No cóż, mnie się naprawdę ciężko z tym przegryźć XD Niezmiernie nie lubię angażować innych w swoje braki możliwości czy umiejętności i to dla mnie nieproporcjonalnie traumatyczne przeżycie.
Niemniej, skoro w takim świetle to stawiasz, to będę miała to na uwadze. Szczególnie, że mojemu tacie chyba nawet bardziej niż mnie było przykro, że nie pojechałam do tego Paryża i powiedział, że mam mu dać znać jak tylko przyjadą jeszcze raz ("no Aśku, przecież muszą przyjechać") lol. Nie ma to jak rodzicielskiej zaangażowanie XD
tsunami_pltsunami_pl on June 14th, 2011 10:47 am (UTC)
Wcale nie było krócej, lol
Sessho: z - + - + -thier_sess on June 14th, 2011 11:14 am (UTC)
Ja mam 10 za, 3 przed. ;) W tym na 1 idę się dzisiaj umawiać ze zwolnieniem lekarskim za Paryż i żywię szczerą nadzieję, że nie będzie chciała się ze mną widzieć jutro czy coś. XD

To też słyszałam wielokrotnie, ale doświadczyć tego samej to inna sprawa. Jak ludzie przed Zenithem mówili już po angielsku, to było takie miłe uczucie. XD
No ja po niemiecku to nic, ale podejrzewam, że ktoś na tym znający by się znalazł. (Bo jednak łatwiej niż z francuskim.)

Ooo. No ale może rzeczywiście przynajmniej teraz jego praca będzie nagradzana w bardziej należyty sposób.
No ale to też miła sprawa, to poparcie. ^^ Pokazało się, jak jednak ludzie cenią Twojego tatę. :)

No to nie przegryzaj, tylko wal do mnie. ;p
I taka postawa znacznie bardziej mi się podoba~
Ale też zakładam, że jeszcze raz (albo tak z 10) muszą przyjechać, więc wtedy to już na pewno muszę Cię ogłuszyć na koncercie. ;) (Albo Ty mnie, bo generalnie nigdy nic nie wiadomo.)